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This section is designed to help you understand the potential profit you can create by establishing a dynamic, anti-aging, skin care component within your salon.  To make it simple, we will break it down into two distinct profit centers called Profit Center 1 and Profit Center 2.  They are each separate profit centers but Profit Center 1 will have a significant impact on Profit Center 2!

Profit Center 1 – This is the retail profit you will make from selling the Synergy WorldWide anti-aging skin care products.  You buy the products at wholesale and sell them at retail.  There is a suggested mark up of 25% in addition to rebates or commissions back from the company that could range from 8 to 10%.  For our discussion we are going to use the figure of 33%** to calculate profit margin.  So, for every $1000 worth of product sold at retail you would net $333 profit between retail markup and commissions back from the company.  Yes, we know that there are other product lines out there that would give you a higher return on product sold, but none will create the truly significant money that Profit Center 2 does.

Profit Center 2 This profit center creates what we call “walk-a-way income.”  Synergy WorldWide utilizes network marketing for creating a distribution system for their products.  Now, before you stop reading because you have a preconceived idea about network marketing, we need to make an extremely important point.  As we discussed in the FAQ section, we do not want to sign up your clients into Synergy WorldWide and network marketing.  In fact, we discourage approaching them about the business opportunity.  We want your clients to come to your salon to enjoy your services and not feel like they are being hit upon for the latest home-based business opportunity.

So then, who is the market for this network marketing opportunity?  Other salons and salon owners who could profit by effectively implementing this anti-aging skin care program from Synergy WorldWide.  By sharing your success with other salon owners, you can help them establish Profit Center 1 into their operation.  This will create a leveraged or residual income stream based on the dynamics of network marketing and will duplicate in other salons.  It is this model that will produce outstanding income potential that could equal or exceed your current operation; all done without additional risk and overhead to your operation.

Now, let’s set the business model for how this works.  Synergy WorldWide utilizes a dual linear mega-match program which means that there is just a left side and a right side to your organization.  It uses the power of duplication to grow your network.  So, after you see how effectively the Synergy anti-aging products work on your clients, your business goal is to sponsor two other salons to implement Profit Center 1 into their operation.  You teach them, with our help, to duplicate your success and then effectively share it with other salons to sponsor their two.  Your original 2 effectively share it with others so that they add 4 salons to your organization.  Those 4 salons effectively share this system to add 8 salons.  Those 8 salons bring on board 16 and those 16 salons bring into Synergy another 32.  So, as the illustration below shows, by the 5th level you have a total of 62 salons in your organization that are utilizing the Synergy anti-aging skin care products.

Synergy pays what they call a Basic Commission of 8-10% on the side of your organization that has the least amount of volume.  For illustration purposes let’s say that you’re completely balanced in your growth.  Thus, you have 31 salons on your left side and 31 on your right side.  And, let’s say, that the commissionable volume, or what we call CV, averages 600 at each salon.  As the illustration below shows, an 8% Basic Commission would give you $1,488 for the month.  It gets even better.  Because you sponsored the first two salons and helped them implement the system, Synergy offers what is called a Mega Match.

A Mega Match means that Synergy will match, dollar for dollar, their Basic Commission and add it to your overall check.  Because they are one level behind you they only have 30 salons in their organization or 15 on a side.  This would result in a Basic Commission of $720 for each salon.  Since you sponsored them, Synergy would Mega Match these two amounts for a total of $1,440 that would be added to your Basic Commission of $1,488 to give you a monthly check of $2,928 or slightly over $35,000 for the year.

Think about that number of $35,000 for the year.  You have no overhead and no employees.  Pure profit to you for starting a process of following a system that every one benefits from.  Wait!  It gets even better.  Remember at the beginning how we stated that Profit Center #1 would have a significant impact on Profit Center #2?  Let’s say you utilize some of the methods in the Marketing Strategies section and you increase your commissionable volume (CV) from 600 to 1000 and that duplicates down through your organization.  As the illustration shows below, your yearly leveraged income would go from $35,000 to over $58,000 for the year.  And, if your organization duplicated just one more level to add another 64 salons, then your yearly leveraged income would climb to $120,000.

All from implementing the finest anti-aging skin care program in the world and sharing it with other salons by following a simple system.  Additionally, you have people and resources that will help you achieve this business model.  And, if your organization continues to grow because all the other salons owners are looking to achieve the same results, and if you sponsor more than just 2 salons, think of the impact it would have on your Basic Commission and number of Mega Matches you would be compensated for.  Plus, if you decided to leave the salon business you would take this leveraged income stream with you.  True “walk-a-way income” which could also be your retirement program.



The Power of Duplication Combined with a Properly Implemented Anti-Aging Profit Center in Other Salons!



Level 1

  2 – You personally sponsor just these two

Level 2



Level 3



Level 4



Level 5




62  (If evenly balanced, then 31 on your left side and 31 on your right side.)




At 600 CV

31 x 600 = 18,600 x .08 =

$1,488  (Basic Commission)


15 x 600 = 9,000 x .08 x 2 =

$1,440  (Mega Match)



$2,928 x 12 months = $35,136




At 1000 CV

31 x 1000 = 31,000 x .08 =

$2,480  (Basic Commission)


15 x 1000 = 15,000 x .08 x 2 =

$2,400  (Mega Match)



$4,880 x 12 = $58,560




Grow to Level 6 and you add 64 more to your organization so that you have 63 salons on each side and the numbers will look like this:




At 600 CV

63 x 600 = 37,800 x .08 =

$3,024  (Basic Commission)


31 x 600 = 18,600 x .08 x 2 =

$2,976  (Mega Match)



$6,000 x 12 months = $72,000




At 1000 CV

63 x 1000 = 63,000 x .08 =

$5,040  (Basic Commission)


31 x 1000 = 31,000 x .08 x 2 =

$4,960  (Mega Match)



$10,000 x 12 = $120,000



Also, Profit Center 2 allows you to tap into several additional methods for generating income.  They are:

Fast Start Bonuses:  When a person joins Synergy WorldWide and chooses the Leadership Option of 200CV to activate their Business Center, Synergy will pay you a bonus of $50.  If that person chooses the Executive Option of 600 CV, then Synergy will pay you a bonus of $150.  These are one time bonuses.

Basic Commission:  To help you understand this you need to view your Synergy WorldWide organization as having just a left side and a right side.  This means that any one you register with Synergy WorldWide will be placed on either your left side or right side.  As your organization grows one side will have more CV going through it than the other.  The side with the smallest amount of CV is the side used to generate your Basic Commission.  Synergy WorldWide pays between 8-10% on this amount with a maximum earning of $20,000 per month for this one category.

Leadership Bonus:  As your organization grows, Synergy will pay you up to 4% of your strong side volume (side with the greatest amount of CV).  This is broken up into different benchmarks to give you incentive to help grow your organization.  (Again, please see the "Napkin Presentation" below for additional clarification.)

Mega Match:  This is unique to Synergy WorldWide.  For the people that you directly sponsor, Synergy will match dollar for dollar their weak leg commission (Basic Commission) and add it to your commission check.  Your maximum earning in this category is $20,000 per individual per month.  There is no cap on the number of people you can sponsor.

The bottom line to all of this is:

It is Profit Center 2 that has the ability to make you rich.  But, it is the proper implementation of Profit Center 1 that establishes the credibility of this system.

*The numbers used for this illustration are not meant to indicate a guarantee of income.  It could be less or more depending on a number of variable factors. 

**Synergy WorldWide allows you to earn commissions on the CV (commissionable volume) value assigned to each product.  The CV value is usually equal to the actual wholesale cost but in some products it is less than the wholesale cost.  If you exercised the Executive Option to establish your initial product inventory, then you have also established Business Centers 1, 2 and 3.  Your autoship order of 120 CV will be on Business Center 1 and you will not receive commissions on this amount.  For additional products outside of your autoship, you will order them under Business Center 2 or 3 depending on which side is considered to be your weak volume side.  This will allow you to make an additional 8-10% commission that will be paid to you directly from Synergy WorldWide.  For example - Sell $1000 worth of wholesale products and your profit would be:


Retail at 25% markup


Commission (1000CV – 120CV = 880CV) at 8-10%

$70.4 - $88.00


$320.40 to $338.00 or


32-34% on the dollar


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