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Is Synergy WorldWide a network marketing company?

Yes, Synergy WorldWide uses network marketing for the distribution of its nutrition, skin care and hair care products. In its simplest form network marketing is a distribution system for products and services.



So, I'm I trying to sign up my customers into a business opportunity?    

No, we don't recommend trying to recruit your customers into Synergy WorldWide.  In fact, we discourage approaching them about the business opportunity.  We want your clients to come to your salon to enjoy your services and not feel like they are being hit upon for the latest home-based business opportunity.  Instead, we will show you how to implement, the following two key profit centers:


Profit Center 1 Set up a retailing operation for the Synergy WorldWide products to help your customers enjoy the benefits of our Anti-Aging products for skin care and overall general health.  This will establish a retailing profit center within your salon that has moderate to good income potential.


Profit Center 2 Share your success with other salons and salon owners to help them see how Synergy WorldWide can benefit their customers by establishing a new profit center in their operation.  This will create a leveraged or residual income stream based on the dynamics of network marketing, and we will help you duplicate this system in other salons.  It is this model that will produce outstanding income potential that could equal or exceed your current operation; all done without additional risk and overhead to your operation.  (Please see the Potential Profit section for a more detailed explanation.)


It is Profit Center 2 that has the ability to make you rich.  But, it is the proper implementation of Profit Center 1 that establishes the credibility of this system.



Won't some of my customers catch on that this is a network marketing company?

Yes, some of them will and if they ask you, all you need to do is say the following:


"Yes, Synergy WorldWide is a network marketing company.  Are you interested in network marketing?"

If they say "NO", then your response is:  "Good, because we don't promote the business to our customers only their great products."


If they say "YES", then your response is:  "Great, before you leave I'll give you some information about a website that you can log onto in the comfort of your own home.  It will help you decide if this is something that's right for you.  If it is, then we can talk further.  If it isn't, then we'll leave it at that.  Fair enough?"



What's the cost and procedure to join Synergy WorldWide?    

Step 1 Membership Application  Register with the company by properly completing the 4-in-1 Member Starter Form.  There is a one-time registration fee of $24.95 which allows you to purchase your products at the wholesale cost.


Step 2 Product Order  To qualify for commissions and bonuses through the Synergy WorldWide compensation plan, you must make a product order of at least 200 CV to activate one Business Center (Leadership Option) or at least 600 CV to activate three Business Centers (Executive ption).   For salons we recommend the Executive Option:


Executive Option:  Purchase at least 600 CV of products (approximately $645 with tax and shipping included) at wholesale from the company for resale within your shop.  We will tailor this order to reflect the anti-aging needs of your clients.  This will give you 3 Business Centers and allow you to create greater potential for profits within your retailing operation and greater commissions and leveraged income from the duplication of this process with other salons.


Step 3 Product Autoship  A product autoship of at least 120 CV is the most convenient way to maintain your monthly qualification for bonuses and commissions from Synergy WorldWide.  Plus, it allows you to conveniently restock product items for your salon.  You can select the date of the month this shipment is to be made and you can change or cancel your Autoship order at any time.  Also, if you select the Executive Option, then additional products can be ordered under Business Center 2 or 3 depending on which will create greater commissions from Synergy WorldWide.



What's my guarantee if this doesn't work?

Your first product purchase has a 100% money back guarantee within 90 days of purchase.  Thus, if you choose the Executive Option and decide to return it, then all of your money will be returned to you.  The only part of your initial cost that is not returned is the registration fee of $24.95.



What should I do with my staff?  Should I offer this opportunity to them?

Yes, you should.  Let them decide if this is right for them but with the following understanding:


  1. They will need to register with the company with you being their sponsor.

  2. They will need to activate their own Business Center.  We would recommend the Leadership Option of 200 CV (approximately $235-250 with tax and shipping fees included).

  3. No recruiting within the salon.

  4. They can sell their product inventory first to recapture their initial investment after which they sell the shop's inventory.

  5. Each month they can sell their autoship inventory first after which they sell the shop's inventory.

  6. Anything they do outside of the shop is their own initiative but no recruiting of your customers without your prior permission.

  7. Any sales (retail portion only) of the salon's inventory will be split with them.  We recommend a 50/50 split for staff people who register with Synergy WorldWide and a 75/25 split (75% to the salon) for staff people who don't join Synergy WorldWide.


Downside:  They do nothing to advance Synergy WorldWide.


Upside:  They become your best sales people and anything they do outside of the salon grows your organization.  Plus, if they leave, they will still generate income for you especially if they take this system and the network marketing plan to other salons.



So, how much profit can I generate from this system?  

Moderate to huge so please see the section Potential Profit for the answer to this question.



Well, then how do I create the market for these products?    

The market is already there so it's not about creating the market but learning how to effectively tap into the market.  Please see the section Marketing Strategies for more detail on how to effectively tap into the desire of your customers for these products.  This section will also address the methods in which you can effectively share this system with other salons to build your network marketing distribution system.



Are there any ongoing costs outside of the products I order?  

Potentially, depending on the methods you use to create the awareness for these products in meeting the needs of your customers.  This will be discussed in better detail in the Marketing Strategies section.



You mentioned a Live Web Broadcast.  What is this?  

The Live Web Broadcast is a powerful tool we use in helping people see the vision and opportunity of Synergy WorldWide.  It was designed by Dianne Leavitt to help people understand the convergence of the major trends and components that are fueling the growth of Synergy WorldWide.  It is geared for the general public but Salon owners will get a good look at why Synergy WorldWide is growing so rapidly.  Thus, we would highly encourage you to listen to and watch a Live Web Broadcast.  The details for this 40-minute presentation are as follows:


Date & Time of Call:

___________ Tuesday @ 8:30 pm CST


___________ Thursday @ 8:30 pm CST


___________ Saturday @ 10:00 am CST

Conference Call Number:


PIN Number for Call:




At the same time, log onto the internet at:


For conference ID enter:   Synergy


Enter your name


Click on "Start"




I noticed that you mentioned hair care products from Synergy WorldWide.  If Synergy has hair care products why don't you recommend them for a salon?    

Synergy has outstanding hair care products but the market is glutted with hair care products.  We wanted to give you a profit center that would be an addition to your salon, not take away sales in an area that you might currently enjoy.  Plus, these anti-aging products from Synergy will create an emotional response for your customers to create additional customer loyalty and the potential for customer referrals.  If you can help your customer look better and feel better, then they will share this with others.  Especially when people ask them "Why do you look so good?"



Should I document my customer's progress?

That is an individual decision.  It certainly will validate the products and create testimonies that you can share with others to help them see the benefits of Synergy WorldWide.  But, it will be extra work and you just need to decide if your time and your staff's time allows for it.


We do recommend proper customer follow-up; which means that if someone uses the Synergy products, then you and/or a staff person will follow-up to make sure they are taking the products properly.  This will help insure their proper use to achieve the desired results.



Can't I get these products from somewhere else?    

No.  There will be other companies that claim to have anti-aging products but you will not find anyone but us who uses Gen III and Gen IV technology in their skin care products.  And, we have three unique products in ProArgi-9, Core Greens and Mistica that no one in the market can compete with in purity, potency and effectiveness.



Does Synergy have anything for weight loss?  

Yes, and we will discuss this as an additional option in the Marketing Strategies section.


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